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Protect your assets with cost-effective fire protection solutions.

Sprinkler Design

Fire protection focuses on preventing, mitigating, and controlling the effects of fire on people, property, and the environment which can be accomplished through the utilization of fire suppression systems. Fire suppression systems are an essential component of any building’s fire protection strategy as they are designed to contain and extinguish fires before they spread, minimizing property damage, and saving lives. The design of a fire sprinkler system must consider various factors such as the building type, use, occupancy, and fire load. The sprinkler design must also comply with applicable codes and industry standards.

FRA provides code-compliant fire protection designs that minimize the risk of fire and protect against potential damage or loss. FRA has design experience for all types of suppression systems (wet systems, dry systems, pre-action systems, etc.) along with the ability to provide solutions for all types of client’s unique fire protection needs.

Firewater System Design Services

FRA offers design services for the development of site firewater plans, including equipment such as monitors, hydrants, and sprinkler/spray systems tailored to each project’s unique protection needs. FRA excels in evaluating hazards and exposure risks associated with the operation of a facility and establishing effective fire protection system layouts and strategies. Our engineers have experience in an array of firewater system projects, including storage and transportation facilities for flammable and combustible liquids, power generating plants, and refining and processing facilities. FRA believes there is a protection solution for each project and is committed to developing those solutions for our clients.

Site Water Supply Reliability

Establishing a reliable water source is crucial in the creation of a functional firewater system. FRA has extensive experience in analyzing municipal water supplies, ponds/rivers, or dedicated firewater storage tanks for firewater usage. Our knowledge of national codes and industry requirements helps us to understand the importance of considering jurisdictional requirements for the hazards and the requirements of emergency response personnel and operations when determining the viability of a water supply. Our engineers are equipped with a variety of hydraulic software tools such as HydraCalc and Pipenet that allow us to determine the adequacy of the water supply based on the bounding fireflow condition. These hydraulic analyses allow us to determine the applications that necessitate the use of a fire pump. We are versed in engaging in collaboration efforts with fire pump vendors to specify the size and type of fire pump suitable for the site.

Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS)

Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) is a computational modeling tool developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that is widely used in fire protection engineering. FDS is a powerful tool for simulating fire behavior and predicting fire dynamics in complex environments, providing valuable insights for fire protection design and analysis. FRA applies FDS to a wide variety of fire, smoke, and gas dispersion analyses. From designing smoke control systems to evaluating sprinkler suppression effectiveness and hazardous gas dispersion, our engineers have years of in-depth experience in using FDS to support our client’s design challenges.

Fire Protection and Life Safety Narrative Reports

Some jurisdictions require the development and submission of a fire protection and life safety narrative report. Whether one is required or not, a narrative report can serve as an invaluable tool for building owners, developers, and architects as a single document that describes the design rationale of fire protection systems and how they interface and interact to provide the required level of life safety for building occupants, emergency response personnel, and property protection.

FRA has extensive experience providing building and fire code consulting services, design of all types of detection and suppression systems, as well as detailed fire modeling. This experience enables us to develop concise and detailed narrative reports.

Performance-Based Design

Operational constraints and existing conditions often create challenges when implementing prescriptive fire and explosion protection requirements in applicable codes and standards. Retrofitting existing buildings can be particularly challenging, if even viable.

FRA has extensive experience implementing performance-based designs for various commercial and industrial facilities. Our interactive approach identifies stakeholders, establishes performance goals and objectives, and utilizes state-of-the-art engineering methods and computational models to develop innovative designs. Our engineers have demonstrated success in taking performance-based design projects from concept to completion, and approval by authorities having jurisdiction, including fire code officials and insurers.